Saturday, October 1, 2016


I escaped this time, but it could be the last. Dad's getting a security system installed, which will include a sensor on my exit window.

Determined to make the most of my last dash of freedom, I make my way to my favorite place. She said she'd meet me here, but I arrive before her.

Clouds recede from around the full moon, shining enough light for the mausoleum behind me to cast a shadow.  I ease into the structure's doorway, enjoying the dark.

When she finally arrives, it's with timid steps. The gravel beneath her feet makes only the softest of sounds, barely audible below the rustling of tree branches.

“I don't know, Suzy. Should we really be doing this?”

My eyes devour the cleavage she has on ample display. “Oh,  yeah. We should.”

She waves a hand at me.  “I meant here. Should we be doing this here?”

I look around, pretending bafflement. “Why? You think we'll wake someone up?”

“No… But…”

“It's quiet,” I say as I inch closer.  “It's secluded.” I brush a hand through her hair and rise on my toes to whisper in her ear.  “And no one will hear you scream.”

She trembles as my teeth close on her neck.

The above was prompted by this picture, by Mark Krawec, which was provided to me by Bliss Morgan as part of her Nightmare Fuel project.

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